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For many people, getting a divorce can become a viable option when marriage becomes too challenging or difficult. Divorce may seem like a way out and an escape from the difficulty of the marriage but can come with long-term implications. Here are a few facts that you may not know about divorce until you experience it.

It Can Get Ugly
Although both parties may agree to the divorce and are amicable, it can quickly get ugly once lawyers get involved, and the property needs to be divided. Trying to decide how to split custody of any children involved can also make it more painful and emotional for both spouses. It can easy to become angry and upset, which can cause a significant amount of conflict throughout the process of divorcing one another. Although you may be happy to be divorced, it can leave you feeling bitter and spiteful.

It’s Normal to Have Second Thoughts
As you heal and process the divorce, it’s normal to have second thoughts and question if you made the right decision. Many people become lonely and feel depressed after the split, which can make it easy to want to go back to their ex. If the former spouse moves on, it can also be easy to feel jealous or want to go back in time. It’s important to remind yourself why you decided to divorce instead of only thinking of the good times that you shared together.

Your Loved Ones Will React Differently
Don’t expect everyone to understand when you decide to split from your spouse. Everyone will have a different reaction, and some people may encourage you to not give up on the marriage. Other friends or family members will be supportive and will tell you that you made the right decision. Make it a point to find the right people who can work as your support system when you need encouragement as you learn how to heal and move on from the marriage.

You’ll Need a Financial Advisor
One of the most challenging parts of going through a divorce is learning how to get your finances in order. Supporting yourself without your ex’s income may be difficult. Hire a financial advisor to make the process easier and stay afloat until you’re on your feet again.

Carin Maxey’s blog posts are not legal advice and are meant for informational purposes only. If you require legal advice, please seek a licensed professional in your jurisdiction.