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Carin Maxey

Professional Overview

Carin Maxey is an attorney based in Jacksonville, Florida. For over twenty years Carin has focused on a wide range of legal issues. When she thinks about what initially attracted her to the law profession, Carin says, “I always wanted to help others. In particular, the rights of children always interested me. They’re the most underrepresented population in the world, and there’s often no one to stand up for them or give them the voice they need.” Throughout her career, Carin has helped countless children and other individuals who needed legal advice. She looks forward to continuing to use her expertise to assist those in need.

As a result of her hard work and dedication, Carin Maxey has received a number of awards. One award that Carin is particularly proud of is the Albert D. Ernest Caring Award. The award honors the most caring citizen in Jacksonville. Carin received the award in recognition of her work representing abused, neglected, and abandoned children. Carin has continued to serve children pro bono through the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program for 25 years.

One of Carin’s greatest career achievements was successfully having a Petition granted by Florida Supreme Court. As a result of her work, worthy candidates were allowed to be posthumously admitted to the practice of law. In response to Carin’s achievement, Bob Butterworth, the former Attorney General of Florida and Dean of St. Thomas University School of Law, commended her by saying: “I am tremendously proud to number you among our most distinguished and caring graduates.”

After working in the legal profession for over twenty years, Carin Maxey has learned about navigating the legal world. One of the most valuable lessons she has learned is the importance of preparation. Carin believes that the amount of preparation she puts into her work is one of the details that separate her from other lawyers. “I find that if you prepare over and over again, you can’t lose,” says Carin. “No matter what happens you know how things will unfold because you’re the one person in the room with unparalleled preparation.”

Looking to the future, Carin Maxey is committed to continuing to serve individuals who require legal assistance. She is also interested in using her knowledge and skills to branch out into other fields and grow professionally.