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No matter how you feel about your divorce, telling your friends, family, children, and even coworkers will be a difficult task. Handling this announcement in a careful, considerate manner will ease the tension from all parties. The following are some tips that you can consider if you’re not quite sure of how to deliver the news.

Decide Who You Have to Tell
It’s not mandatory that you tell anyone about your divorce, except your children. The rest of the world is on a “need to know” basis, and you get to decide whether or not they need to know. Take a few minutes and think about the various groups of people in your life and decide if it’s crucial that you tell them. Doing so will help you in the long run

Break It to the Children Easily
The children should be your main concern when it comes to worrying about who to tell and how. You have to handle your children with protective gloves and make sure that you let them know that they had nothing to do with the reason that the two of you are splitting. Children are very sensitive when the idea of divorce comes into play, and they tend to blame things on themselves. Take the time to talk to them together if you can. Let them know that you both love them just the same and that the divorce will not diminish that in any way.

Consider Calling People Individually
If you do decide to tell your friends and extended family members, you may want to do it individually by a phone call. You have more control over who hears if you do it that way.

Create a Script
If you’re worried about becoming frazzled when it comes time to talk about it with others, write yourself a script of what you want to say when you’re in a clear state of mind. A script will help refine your delivery and protect you from embarrassment.

Decide Whether to Put It on Social Media
Finally, you need to decide whether you want to put this information on social media or not. You may want to wait until the divorce is final.

Carin Maxey’s blog posts are not legal advice and are meant for informational purposes only. If you require legal advice, please seek a licensed professional in your jurisdiction.